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  • Made of waterproof material, this pliable, sheet-applied waterproofing membrane is designed for the direct application of tile
  • Creates a vapour-tight barrier for a watertight seal. Membrane provides superior protection against moisture, mold and mildew to safeguard against damage and ensure lasting durability
  • This shower waterproofing membrane is made from soft polyethylene that will not crack, rip or tear. It is easy to cut, position and install, even in corners
  • Both sides of the waterproofing membrane feature unique webbed, synthetic fibers that allow for a perfect bond with thin-set mortar
  • Designed to coil and properly support floor tile heating systems.
  • 1 roll measures 1m x 10m.
  • With a thickness of 5.6mm
  • Tooltech® Xpert Uncoupling Membranes are used to “uncouple” or act as a protective barrier between the tiling layer and the substrate to reduce any stresses that can build up. This uncoupling neutralizes any tile movement which greatly reduces the chance of any premature cracking or shifting. When installed correctly, membranes also offer a waterproofing barrier by preventing moisture penetration of the substrate, reducing the chance of uneven load distribution and mold development. The octagonal channels allow for the installation of floor heating systems and promote a proper heat exchange between the layers. Specifications: this roll is 1 meter wide by 10 meters long, giving you approximately 108 square feet of coverage.

Specifically designed to be used with floor heating systems.

Tooltech Floor Heat Membrane Blue 108/SF (40"X33')

SKU: 110520
C$310.00 Regular Price
C$279.00Sale Price
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