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(Angle Grinder not Included) 

Device to perform 45° bevel cut high-quality finishing (“jolly”) directly on construction site (actual miter angle: 47°).

  • It works leaning and sliding on the edge of the tile (or slab): this guarantees a fast and precise work execution and allows you to work without any limit on length.
  • The anti-scratch plastic slides ensure optimal smoothness on the slab/tile.
  • Maximum slab/tile thickness: 16 mm (0.63”) with Ø115 mm (4 1/2”) blade; 20 mm (0.79”) with Ø125 mm (5”) blade.
  • The two handles are designed to easily allow the necessary pressure during the entire length of the bevel cut (entrance, slab side, exit) to guarantee both optimal results and maximum ergonomics.
  • Cutting depth adjustment: by adjusting the dedicated knobs, it is possible to determine the amount of material to be removed (farther or closer to tile glaze). Once the adjustment is set, it stays for any tiles/slabs thicknesses.
  • Blade tilt adjustment: by acting onto dedicated screw, blade can be tilted to prevent its rear chipping the edge of tiles/slabs.
  • Suitable with almost all angle grinders with power between 600-1100W.
  • Available for grinders with M14 arbor attachment (art. 433BCOH EU) and for angle grinders with 5/8 ‘’ – 11 arbor attachment (art. 433BCOH US).
  • Angle grinder not included.
  • Dry use (standard version) or wet use (to perform wet cut in combination with Kit for wet cut and dust suppression – Art. 433PWW A, Power Raizor must be equipped with cordless/battery operated angle grinder or corded model having rating IP54* or any higher).
  • It comes supplied with: Ø 115 (4 1/2”) “Cross-Turbo” blade, use and maintenance manual.

Raimondi Bevel/Miter Cutter BC45

C$822.22 Regular Price
C$740.00Sale Price
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