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Professional, Cement-Based Waterproofing Membrane


Mapelastic 315 is a trowel-applied, flexible, fiber-mesh-reinforced waterproofing and crack-isolation membrane for installation under ceramic tile or stone on indoor/outdoor residential, commercial and industrial intermittent wet or submerged applications. Mapelastic 315 provides an excellent barrier to prevent water from migrating into other areas. Mapelastic 315 is compatible with any polymer-modified cement-based mortar (ANSI A118.4 or better) or epoxy mortar (ANSI A118.3). Mapelastic 315 exceeds ANSI A118.10 requirements for waterproofing and is IAPMO-listed for use as a shower-pan liner.

Mapei Prp 315 (Mapelastic) 34 Lbs, Powder & Liquid Waterproofing Membrane

SKU: 94315-34
C$76.39 Regular Price
C$68.75Sale Price
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