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Kerapoxy is a premium-grade, water-cleanable, 100%-solids epoxy mortar and nonsagging grout system for installations where exceptionally high-strength chemical and impact resistance is required. Available in all 30 MAPEI colors for grouting. Kerapoxy allows use of light-colored grout without worries about spaghetti, fruit juice, ketchup or other tough stains. Kerapoxy is excellent for countertops, high-traffic areas, areas needing chemical resistance (bottling plants, etc.) – nearly anywhere a conventional grout might stain or break down. It is less sensitizing than other epoxy mortars and grouts.

Mapei Kerapoxy Kit - Premium epoxy grout 945 ml #00 White

SKU: KP00-01
C$39.67 Regular Price
C$35.70Sale Price
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