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Mapeheat Cable

Radiant-Heating Cable for Use with Mapeheat Membrane

Mapeheat Cable 120V availabe 14 diffrent liner feet:

29, 47, 57, 98, 120, 148, 188, 234, 265, 318, 334, 377, 423, 474


Mapeheat Cable is a free-form, twisted-pair, floor-heating cable for use in any residential interior room where the comfort of radiant floor heating is desired. The cable can be spaced on site to provide 10, 12 or 15 W per sq. ft. based on the desired wattage output requirements of the installation. Mapeheat Cable is available in 33 lengths to accommodate areas as small as 6 sq. ft. (0.56 m²) and up to 293 sq. ft. (27.2 m²).

Mapeheat Cable 120V 29 LF (8 SF)

SKU: 94C120-008
C$224.00 Regular Price
C$201.60Sale Price
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