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  • Suitable For:

      Stone, Porcelain, pavers, Marble, Slate, ceramic tile

  • Set Includes:

      Blade, 15amp motor, Water Tray, Laser Guide, Stand


The Goldblatt G02775 10 in. Wet Tile Saw with Folding Wheeled Base Stand is a powerful tool that comes with its own stand. This saw can rip through the toughest materials such as natural stone, pavers and porcelain. Its rail system is integrated into the saw frame, ensuring accurate cuts.

  • 18" Diagonal Cut; 24" Rip Cut
  • Power 15 amp motor will cut hard materials such as porcelain, stone and thicker materials
  • Heavy-duty rail system engineered for exceptionally straight, accurate and smooth cuts
  • Removable Water Tray
  • Laser Guide


  • GFCI on the 7-foot cord for the automatic reset to protect users and equipment from ground faults and open neutral connections
  • 10” x 5/8” blade cuts ceramic tile, porcelain tile, marble, slate, and stone and comes equipped with a laser guide for accuracy and pivoting head allowing for 225 Degree and 45 Degree bevel cuts
  • Powerful 15-amp motor with sealed bearings and thermal overload protection
  • Designed with an oversized steel frame with precision linear bar system for smooth operation and a convenient stand with rear locking wheels that keeps tile saw secure and easily transportable
  • Equipped with a removable water tray that easily slides in and out for easy cleaning and a large non-slip rubber matted table that supports large format and tile slabs
  • Building trade professionals, who build our homes and countries demand quality, innovation, and SATISFACTION from the tools they use every day. Goldblatt tool company has been helping meet that demand for over 130 years.
  • Goldblatt tool company designs manufactures and distribute high-quality trade tools in the masonry, concrete, drywall, tile, and paint tool categories to a worldwide market. The Goldblatt 10-inch Professional Tile Saw is no exception. From its 15-amp motor, laser guide for accurate cuts, pivoting head, oversized steel frame with precision linear bar system, right down to its convenient stand with rear locking wheels, every feature has been thought of to ensure all your projects are completed in the fastest and most efficient way.

Goldblatt Professional Tile Saw 24in

SKU: G02775
C$977.00 Regular Price
C$879.30Sale Price
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