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Substrates provide a variety of challenges for tile and stone installations. Wooden and concrete subfloors go through various cycles of expansion, contraction and deflection during the life of a floor covering due to changes in weather, moisture conditions, inherent subfloor properties, etc. Uncoupling membranes are designed to protect tile and stone installations from subfloor movement, moisture vapor transmission and to provide point load distribution preventing tile and joint cracking, buckling and disbonding. ARDEX offers two unique high performance single source uncoupling system solutions that are easy to install and provide an enhanced level of safety and convenience for tile and stone installations.

  • High-load, high stress uncoupling membrane
  • Ideal for large format tile and high traffic areas
  • Highest shear and tensile bond strengths (independent testing at MPA Wiesbaden, Germany)
  • Use with porcelain, ceramic, quarry and natural stone tile
  • Prevents grout joint and tile cracking
  • For use as a waterproofing membrane
  • Covers 215 square feet

Ardex Ui740 Flexbone Uncoupling Membrane 215sf

C$413.33 Regular Price
C$372.00Sale Price
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