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  • World's first clips allowing for 0.5mm grout line (approx 1/51") where the clip and wedge system is being considered
  • For these who were using "razor blades" to achieve the thinnest possible grout lines - Peygran's newest product will solve all the inconvenience with tiles installation while achieving perfectly flat and lippage free finish.
  • Peygran Leveling System - world's STRONGEST💪, most INNOVATIVE and COMPLETE clip and wedge system for lippage free and perfect tile and stone installation for both Professionals and DIYs. Great for any job - from small bathroom to large commercial project
  • Peygran Leveling System ensures flatness between tiles avoiding movements during the mortar setting Superior quality product made in Spain - Great for Professionals and for Home Owners
  • Recommended by many reputable tile setters from all around the world

Peygran Tile Leveling System 1/51" (0.5mm) - 300 Clips

SKU: PG-05300CL
C$89.50 Regular Price
C$79.00Sale Price
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