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Wall Tiling Installation

1. Ensure wall is clean, free of dust and

grease, scraped and wiped down.

Prime surface if needed.

2. Find the lowest point of the floor using a

spirit level, place a tile at this point and

mark above the tile to start a level line.

3. Using a straight edge and spirit level, mark

a level line from the height of the tile at the

low point, straight across the wall.

4. Place the top of the straight edge or a

batten beneath the pencil line and secure

by fixing to the wall or resting securely

on supports.

5. To set out the wall for tiling, measure

the total width of the wall, divide the

measurement by two, measure and

mark the center.

6. Lay out the tiles along the wall using DTA

spacers between joints to ensure the

largest possible even cut occurs at each

end of the wall. Begin tiling from the top of

the batten up. Remove the batten and put

the bottom row of tiles in last.

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