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Successful tiling with large format tiles

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Large format and very large format tiles is becoming increasingly popular.

As these tiles can be over 3m long, a number of tilers are asking “How do we tile these?”.


· Be prepared, make sure you have the right equipment for the job

· As ever, the substrate needs to be primed and the back of the tiles clean and free from dust

· Most obvious challenges are; these tiles are heavy and awkward to handle;

breaking the tiles – they can be thin so more prone to breaking when handling;

· air pockets/bubbles:

correct application of adhesive and the use of beaters are essential;

· Lippage:

it’s important to use a suitable levelling system

· Handling:

Using a suitable handling system. These can be used along with our system to move the tiles from the crate, ease buttering the back and then installation.

· Cutting:

Cutting tiles over 3 Meter can be a challenge. Cutting system anchors a rail onto the tile and then supports different tools for cutting the tiles, creating miter edges or bull nosing tiles. We also offer Benches can be connected together to make it simple to process even very large tiles on a suitable flat surface