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What's difference between SIGMA tile cutter models?

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Do you know how many differences SIGMA tile cutters have models? and what's the differences?

The difference between the Series 3, Standard, Klick-Klock and Max tile cutters is in the handle.

The "Series 3 standard" (2G, 3L, 3B4, 3C2, 3D4) has a TRACTION handle, maximum engraving and splitting speed.

It is suitable for smooth, not particularly rough tiles.

The "Series 3" with PUSH Max and Klick-Klock have been designed for cutting rough and thick tiles.

We recommend the MAX push series, technologically more advanced than the Klick-Klock.

The Standard series (7F, 6) is Traction only and is recommended for semi-professional use.

The Technical Series (2B3, 2D4) is characterized by space-saving worktops for working in very confined spaces.

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