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Large Format Tile Mortar

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Installation of large-format tile presents a unique set of challenges for installers. Demands upon the setting mortar require a product that wets out the back of the porcelain tile or stone as well as the substrate. The mortar needs to produce superior bond strengths while delivering the deformability to accommodate a higher degree of expansion and contraction of larger tile sizes. MAPEI’s Thixo Technology LHT mortars allow MAPEI’s Ultraflor Plus, Ultraflex LFT and Ultraflex LHT to be used as both standard thin-set mortars and large-and-heavy-tile mortars with non-slump performance, according to the company. Ultraflex LFT and LHT mortars also meet ISO non-sag performance requirements for vertical applications. For more information, visit

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