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How to Floor Tiling

1. Ensure floor is clean, free of dust and

grease, scraped and wiped down.

2. Measure the room in both directions;

eg. A to B, C to D. Divide by two to find

the centre and mark with chalk lines.

3. Place a row of tiles and place spacers

along the centre lines to each wall to check

that the tiles will lay evenly across the floor.

4. It may be necessary to shift the positions

of the tiles away from the centre line, to

enable complete tiles to be laid at the entry

to the room. This will ensure cut tiles are

in less conspicuous areas of the room,

ensure cut tiles are no less than half.

5. Preparation is necessary to ensure an

aesthetic result with minimal cutting.

Once the layout is finalised, layout all tiles

to determine where cuts will be required.

Mark a chalk line at this point then cut the

tiles and lay them in position. The cut

tiles will give a straight edge.

6. Work from the straight edge, checking

tiles are square as you proceed.

Allow adhesive to dry and remove

spacers before grouting.

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