Glazed tiles

Glazed tiles, which were used for decorative purposes, were spread throughout South Asia, North Africa, Spain and even Europe. Since Islamic art originated from the human imagination and was influential in the development of Islam, artisans turned to providing brightly colored tiles with intricate textures. Colorful glazed tiles were stacked together in large mosaic patterns and subtle color changes. Muslim craftsmen used metal oxides such as tin, copper, cobalt, magnesium and antimony to glaze the tiles, resulting in a brighter and stronger glaze. In the 15th century, metal oxide glazed tiles became common in Italy and gradually became popular among craftsmen. Infiltrated northern Italy. Major European trade centers paid attention to these local motifs, so that some of these tiles are still in use, such as Delft tiles (from Delft in the Netherlands) and Magulica tiles (from Majorica in Spain).

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