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Cleaning and maintenance of tiles

Cleaning and maintenance of tiles

Proper maintenance of tiling will always have bright tiles and increase their useful life.

Closing and grouting stage One of the risky steps in installing ceramic tiles is the clogging and grouting stage, which can cause permanent stains on ceramic tiles.

Solution: Ask the tile installer to apply the grout and grout on a tile that has not been worked on yet and see if the grout can be easily removed if it spills on the tile.

Water stains in bathrooms and toilets and in general municipal tap water have a percentage of salts that cause white stains to leave on the tile after the water evaporates.

Solution: An important principle to prevent stains is to clean the tiles immediately after bathing. In the case of ceramic floors, rubber tees can also be used to collect water and speed up the drying of the bathroom floor.

Water solution and baking soda miracle of organic cleansing

You can pour baking soda on a scotch tape and use it to clean the walls of bathrooms and toilets, especially when moving house. It also works on taps. Be sure to try

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