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All about Sigma Tile Cutters: Sigma Tile Cutter Models

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

All about Sigma Tile Cutters: Sigma Tile Cutter Models, Sigma Replacement Parts, Sigma Tile Cutter Use & Maintenance.

Sigma Italia has been making high quality Italian made Tools for Tile professionals since 1964. As the leading manufacturer of Tile Cutters in Europe and North America for decades, Sigma Italia has a solution for almost any tile contractor’s cutting needs.

Sigma Tile Cutters are available in four main cutting styles. These are Pull handle, Max Push Handle, Klick Klock (older push style being replaced by the Max Series), and Thin Panel Tile Cutters. We will begin with an overview of the Sigma Tile Cutters for standard porcelain tile. Note: All tile cutters and replacement guides we stock come with Inch measuring bars.

Dustless Cutting

Due to new Crystalline Silica standards from OSHA many contractor’s are searching for new ways to cut tile while maintaining a dustless work environment. While some companies charge $1600 and up for tile saws that will only cut small format tile, we offer economical and quick cutting Sigma tile cutters that are truly dustless and offer accurate chip-free cutting.

Sigma Tile Cutters For Standard Porcelain Tile

Sigma Tile Cutters for standard format porcelain tile are available in sizes between 14″ and 96″ for rip cuts. The 14″ to 61″ tile cutter sizes are the most common models at the moment in North America. The two main varieties of Sigma Tile Cutters on the market today are the Sigma Pull Handle Style & the new Sigma Max Push Handle style. Sigma tile cutters can be identified by a model number printed towards the tail end of the cutter on the opposite side of the measuring bar.

Sigma Pull Handle Tile Cutters:

Sigma Pull handle tile cutters are the traditional configuration for Sigmas and are available in sizes from 14″ to 36″ styles. Larger format tile cutters are available in the Sigma Max Push style configuration, as push style cutters work better for larger format tile (in general over 24″).

Pull Handle Models:

Sigma Serie XL

Sigma Serie Tecnica

Sigma Serie Standard

Sigma Max Push Tile Cutters

The Most Innovative Design from Sigma to Date!Sigma Italia has continued their tradition of excellence and now offer the all new Sigma Max Tile Cutter line. The Max Series push handle creates less user fatigue when compared to the traditional pull style handle. It is equipped with a spring loaded scoring wheel that is wrapped around a stainless steel ball bearing. This ensures not only the smoothest feel possible but gives the wheel the ability to adapt to the undulations of a textured surface. The results are incredible!

Why Push Style Instead of Traditional Pull Style?With porcelain tiles becoming larger and more dense, the size of the tile cutter and pressure of the wheel require different standards than ever before. A push handle becomes an extension of the users arm, allowing them to reach a further distance while keeping more consistent pressure on the handle. This provides a cleaner cut edge and less material waste. The Sigma Max Series is recommended for any size tile but has the clear advantage for tile 36″ (90cm) and larger.

Helpful Tip: Did you know you can easily reverse the direction of your Sigma Max tile cutter handle? It comes from the factory pushing away from the measuring guide to make it easier to read the numbers while cutting. However if you turn the handle around to push towards the measuring bar you can actually extend the cut length by about two inches! It also makes it easier to keep the tile in place pushing towards the guide. Sigma pull handle series from the 3 Series (e.g. 3B4, 3D2, etc.) can also be easily converted to make a Max cutter with the purchase of a max handle.

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